World War III Hotspots: Top 5 Most Volatile Regions On Earth

With the world retracing its steps to the pre-covid era, subdued conflicts around the globe have re-surfaced with the rising terror of a potential World War III. The participation of Superpowers in proxy wars has created major hotspots around the world that are already on the brink of war requiring slight instigation to wage a war against each other.

5 Jobs That Robots Will Monopolize In The Next Decade

From self-driven cars to robotized fulfillment centers, AI-based robots have been changing human lives one step at a time. Here’s a list of whom Robots will replace first, industry-wise.

Uber unveils sublime delivery drone design

The company’s plan is to deliver meals from restaurants to a staging location where an Uber driver would travel the last mile for the hand-off to the customer. Uber Eats unveiled a new delivery drone design onstage Forbes Under 30…

US military drone shot down over Yemen

A US MQ-9 drone was shot down by a surface-to-air missile in the south of Yemen’s capital Sanaa on Tuesday, according to a US official.

Wings of Fire: Here’s a flame-throwing drone

Introducing the TF-19 Flamethrower Drone. It is quite simply the most badass flying machine any man

Iranian drone shot down in close quarters of US Warship

The United States has destroyed an Iranian drone that came 1000 yards close to its warship USS Boxer in the Strait of Hormuz, said President

Dad using drone spots shark heading toward his own kids

A father has captured the terrifying moment his children fled from the water off the coast of Florida after a shark swam near them.

Zomato mulls flying food to your doorstep

Food delivery unicorn Zomato is looking to pioneer food delivery through drones in Indian market.

Uber Eats to start testing drone delivery

Uber is reportedly gearing up to start testing drone delivery of food orders for its Uber Eats service.

Chinese national arrested for flying drone over eastern command of Indian army

A 34-yr-old Chinese national Li Zhiwei was arrested on Saturday for flying a drone over Eastern Command of Indian Army, police said. The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) spotted him flying a drone around 1.5 km from Fort William, which…