DKODING Dr. Parmeet Singh Chadha’s Vision For World Sikh Chamber Of Commerce

Dr.Parmeet Singh Chadha, a Delhi based Sikh Businessman turned Entrepreneur and Investor, is C.E.O of World Exports (India), a Tiger Group Company engaged, for the last 25 years, in the export of automotive spare parts. He is a well-known business motivator and leader, a mentor, and philanthropist. Latterly, he has been working for the community and helping with the growth of the national economy.

Dr. Parmeet Singh Chadha brings the Sikh community closer by online Sehaj Paath

New Delhi, July 20, 2020: Online Sehaj Paath Group a community platform designed by a Delhi based entrepreneur and Head Volunteer Dr Parmeet Singh Chadha, with an ideology to bring the Sikh community closer towards Gurbani and with the sole intent to enlighten entire mankind at large through the bani of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.