The Peculiar Case Of Trump’s Popularity Shapes In Dallas Conference

Trump and Republicans are alike. Sharper the criticize, louder the cheer. Contrary to what the world thinks, the magic of the former president of the U.S. works in a strange way. While the Democrats might hold the conviction that calling…

Is Kamala Harris White House’s Political Disaster?

Half a year down the vice presidency, Kamala Harris is coming out nothing better than Trump. It has been 6 months since Kamala Harris wrote a new, long-pending chapter in the history of the United States. The country began with…

Trump’s Former Executive Fires Back, Says “He Should Be In Jail”

Barbara Res says Trump knew everything that happened his family business, including the alleged frauds and tax evasion. Donald Trump’s namesake family business Trump Organization is succumbing into deeper trouble with each passing week. The company may now anytime face…

Trump Returns. Will Republicans Back Him In 2024?

Trump is not alone in the 2024 race. While no one can predict what the political landscape will look like in four years, the former POTUS faces tough competition from several Republican hopefuls.

Trump In Thick Soup With NY Grand Jury, Cries Witch Hunt. Former Employees Say ‘About Time’

This probe into the criminal charges is no longer just about Trump, its scope seems to have expanded.

Is Trump Planning Another Coup To Win Back Presidency?

Former President Donald Trump might be in mid of planning another coup as his obsession with U.S. presidency again makes headlines.

Where Joe “The Optimist” Biden Is Leading America

Biden is now more than a 100 days older since he stepped into the White House as the United States president. While polls suggest he is growing into his role, there are some major challenges ahead.

Al-Qaeda Still Alive, Spotlight Back On Wuhan Lab, Biden’s Floyd Promise — The World This Week

Al-Qaeda Still Alive, Spotlight on Wuhan Lab, Biden’s Floyd Delusion — The World This Week

Is Donald Trump Doing Fine?

Not very long ago, news was filled with Trump headlines. But now the good old days of the United States president getting banned from Twitter are gone. So, what is Trump up to in his post-presidency days?

The O.A. Chose Joe Biden As The President And Not Obama Or Trump: Read To Find Out Why

‘The OA’ Season 2 was convinced Joe Biden would be president, but not Obama or Trump. The accuracy with which they predicted the future is startling! We might not know much but we do know this: ‘The OA’ Season 2…