Donald Trump’s rant in ‘discribing’ media wrong made ‘liddle’ sense

Donald Trump set out to prove “LameStream Media” wrong, but it seems the tides turned against him…and made liddle sense..

Biggest leaders in the world are not practicing what they preach

On the sidelines of the 74th session of the UN Climate Action Summit, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Trump…coca cola

Recession and Re-election: Trump 2020 plan of action

Donald Trump bails out on buying Greenland and makes idiotic comments about American Jews as though they are not Americans. Trump’s decisions on taxes can’t save him or the economy anymore. Is there a chance that Trump will be President…

What’s the reason behind Hicks silence when asked about Trump

Hope Hicks was once a close aide to the US President. She probably knew a lot. But she chose to keep it all to herself…..

Who’ll Triumph after Trump?

17 Democrats | 2 Republicans | Who will the United States choose to reside in the White House in 2020. Most come from political arenas, though there are some outliers with backgrounds in business and self-help writing. 19 people have…