9 Orlando Bloom Selfies With His Dog Prove He Shares A Great Camaraderie

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor is so fond of his dog Mighty, that it goes with Orlando Bloom almost everywhere. Mighty was a teacup poodle gifted to him by his fiancée Katy Perry, whom he now shares a daughter with. Meanwhile,…

10 Of The Smartest Dog Breeds: Is Your Dog On The List?

Dogs certainly share some traits with toddlers: curious, stubborn, unable to verbally communicate. Unlike toddlers, the intelligence of dogs doesn’t expand past that stage. But that doesn’t make dogs stupid.

Do You Know How Dogs Say ‘I Love You’ —

Dogs are known as the best friend of humans but did you know that they can tell if you are a good human being or not? As it turns out, there’s a lot your dog knows about you and a lot you don’t know about dogs.

Farmer paints his dog as tiger to scare away monkeys in Shivamogga

A farmer painted his dog to make it look like a tiger at Nallur village in Karnataka’s Shivamogga. He took the step to scare away the monkeys. The monkeys used to destroy the crops.

Companions for a longer time: Ageless dog breeds

Size, breed, and age of the pup can be some factor while adopting a dog, but what about their life expectancy?

How owning a dog can help an extended life?

The studies at American Heart Institute have discovered that owning a Dog can be really beneficial to you and also increase your life expectancy. A dog’s adorable face, unbridled energy and desire to be your companion is naturally a boost…

Ghaziabad residents will soon pay Rs 5000 to own pets

Ghaziabad residents who have a pet dog or are planning to own one may soon have to pay Rs 5,000 to keep their pet. People staying in Ghaziabad may also have to pay a fine of Rs 500 if they fail to clean up after their dog.

John Wick 4 Leaks: Keanu Reeves the Dog Whisperer

He has been seen loving the dogs time and again. Be it in real life or movies, the renowned actor is a wonderful person. He is not only kind and generous but he loves dogs; who knew?!

Ford’s new kennel to ensure your dog sleeps in peace

The veteran carmaker , Ford has invented a Noise Cancelling Kennel using the active noise-cancelling used in hi-end headphones.

China Clones Police-Dog to reduce training costs

This ain’t your mommy’s Chihuahua China is taking cloning to a whole new level by trying to replace police dogs with dogs cloned after the best and brightest dogs currently on the force. By doing this they look forward to…