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The hidden agenda behind Trump and Kim’s surprise handshake

The North Korean media and Trump alike call the meeting a legendary, historic event. But what’s the underlying agenda behind the so-called impromptu meeting between Kim and POTUS? US President Donald Trump of the Republican party met with Kim-Jong Un…

Delhi is home to 19% of India’s drug addict children – Is government doing enough?

India harbours 5 lakh children burdened with the disease that is substance abuse. ‘Kamlesh’ went viral for all the wrong reasons. People derived entertainment from his mannerism that portrays habitual drug usage, as evidently as the environment that he is in, reeks of marijuana or solution. A recent government survey has lifted the veil on the grim reality of what is going on in the capital

India’s 9 unicorn startups that will rock in 2019-20

The Indian start-up sphere has seen some additions to the Unicorn Gold in the past few months. Plenty of companies try to follow the GBF or Get Big Fast way of growing to make market competition bleed because of lower costs and high Investments. The main goal of any start-up is to gain market share asap.

Wondering why Trump fears Mueller? You are not the only one

Robert Mueller has agreed to testify all information related to the 448-page report. Robert Mueller has agreed to testify the findings of the 2 year long investigation report. The report, is an investigation on whether or not Russia meddled during…

Satellite images show how India neglected its water crisis

India faces an acute water shortage causing massive public unrest. Niti Ayog suggests this is the beginning. How could the government not see this coming?

The ‘Mukesh Ambani Connection’ to Anil Ambani’s Decline

Headlines are screaming Anil Ambani Faces Jail Due To Non-Payment Of Dues. Will Mukesh Ambani again feature in Anil Ambani’s story — this time to ‘bail’ him out?  DKODING Newsline: Feb 21, 2019 For an average Indian, Reliance Communication filing…

Is ‘Swiggy’ ready for a ‘big gamble’, with food delivery business bleeding ‘losses’?

HYPERLOCAL BUSINESS: SWIGGY’S ‘BASKET’ TO GET ‘BIG’GER Foodtech leader Swiggy has announced its entry in the hyperlocal delivery business with a pilot in Gurugram. DKODING NEWSLINE – Feb 21, 2019 Highlights: Foodtech startup Swiggy has launched its hyperlocal platform Swiggy…

RCom vs Ericsson: ‘Anil Ambani’ faces jail term

Anil Ambani’s RCom debacle has reached a stage where he faces a jail term for non-payment of dues. Who is to blame? DKODING NEWSLINE : Feb21,2019| New Delhi  HEAD SHOT: On the petition of Ericsson, the Supreme Court has held…

5 Barefaced Lies of Pakistan Prime Minister ‘Imran Khan’

“It is high time that Pakistan mends its ways, or else Imran Khan must prepare to face retribution for the dastardly acts of terror emanating from his country” – DEEPAK KAISTHA | DKODING NEWSLINE  Head Shot: In a televised address…