10 Presidents who ruined America before the current Commander-in-qu*ef… (and the best of them all)

One of the biggest democracy is getting ready for elections in 2020. It’s time to remember some mistakes. Let us remember the American Presidents who ruined the country before the current Commander-in-qu*ef. Woodrow Wilson This probably comes as a shock…

Why being an empath is a blessing in disguise

Relationships are difficult to manage all on their own, being an empath can be a tasking thing for you. While feeling and thinking about everything that your partner is thinking and feeling.

Soulmates – Are you made for each other?

You could have met your soul-mate yesterday or years ago. That doesn’t always mean you are sure that it is the case.

5 tips to make spooning more intimate with your partner

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7 signs that your partner is being unfaithful

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Genophobia – Phobia of sex 101 and how to get over it

Arachnophobia is quite common but this one you haven’t heard of, I’m sure. Genophobia is the fear of having sexual intercourse. It may sound weird to some of you but it’s quite common.

What on earth is Cushioning- Why should you stop?

Cushioning is what people like you and me do when they want to have a back-up plan in case their fragile ego or their serious relationship falls apart. I am new to the term myself, the dating world seems to…

11 things sex-addicts suffer from beside the thirst

A lot of sex can be great. But it can get to a point where you cannot control yourself. You won’t care about anything but sex, you may be suffering from sex addiction.