In An Improved Debate Performance, Trump Fails To Find A Game-Changing Moment

In the last debate of this campaign cycle, President Trump improved somewhat from his combative and disruptive performance in the first debate, but at this late stage trailing so substantially in the polls, he really needed a game changing moment or a gaffe from his opponent in order to have any realistic chance of reversing his fortunes.

5 Takeaways From The Mike Pence-Kamala Harris Vice Presidential Debate

5 takeaways from a Vice-Presidential debate that featured a civil tone, evasive answers and a meme-worthy fly.

Vice Presidential Debate Highlights — Underwhelming And Unimpressive

Not as bad as the presidential debate 2020 but certainly not very impressive either.  Usually a sideshow, Vice Presidential debate enjoyed its unaccustomed stardom in 2020 after the episode of events. After a chaotic first presidential debate, moderator Susan Page…