5 Ways ‘R’ Rated Deadpool Can Make His MCU Debut

Marvel confirmed that Deadpool 3 will be set in the MCU. Ryan Reynolds will bring back his famous Merc with a Mouth for another R-rated film.

What Deadpool Can Teach Us About #SaveDaredevil

In theory, Deadpool and Daredevil are in the same boat when it comes to their MCU debut. Marvel Studios has many problems to solve in the upcoming MCU phase and if it was a lot easier if they were just…

Deadpool 3 Is R-Rated And Begins With Thanos’ Snap

Much speculation is rife about Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3 coming to MCU, now a leak suggests his story will be retconned  via Thanos’ snap Aah, we all are waiting for the Merc with aa Mouth o enter the MCU and…

Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool Vs The X-Men Set For MCU Phase 5

Marvel Studios could explore using Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool to kill off some X-Men in his usual nonchalant hilarious manner for the MCU The Fox and Disney deal paved way for the debut of some exciting characters into the Marvel Cinematic…

Avengers Needs Deadpool To Kill Off Fox’s Marvel Universe

What If… In Deadpool 3 Wade Wilson Kills all the Fox’s Marvel characters? Apparently, there’s a plan for foul-mouthed mercenary’s debut

Where Is Deadpool 3? Creator Rob Liefeld Bluntly Blames Marvel Studios

Marvel fans are waiting for Deadpool 3 and wondering why Ryan Reynolds is not already shooting for it, creator Rob Liefeld is blaming MCU

Lena Heady aka Cersei Lannister Can Be Lady Deadpool

Actor Lena Headey gets creator Rob Liefeld’s nod for playing Lady Deadpool Disney recently acquired Fox Studios and all of its intellectual property. Meaning the rights to all the X-Men characters now lies with Marvel Studios. And the studio is…

The New Mutants Takes Place In Marvel’s Alternate Deadpool Universe

New Mutants Deadpool crossover is finally possible with The New Mutants gearing up for its release. Are we really going to see a New…

Marvel Plans A Family Guy Makeover For Ryan Reynolds To Make Deadpool MCU-Eligible

After having been taken under Disney, will Ryan Reynolds’ highest-grossing R-rated movie still be the same?  Deadpool 3 is in the making and fans are worried if it will be rated R. After Disney bought the right to Fox’s Marvel…

Superhero Fantasy League: Iron Man and Deadpool exchange jibes ahead of EPIC encounter

The weekend promises to be a big one for the Superhero Fantasy League where Iron Man and Deadpool are ‘dead’ serious with an ‘iron’ will to defeat each other.