What Iron Man Can Learn From Batman About Saving The World

Out of Bruce Wayne, Batman and Tony Stark, Iron Man, who excels when it comes to saving the world DCEU and MCU have more in common than it meets the naked eyes. Most importantly, both of them have an army…

Batfleck To Avenge Robin In Justice League Snyder Cut

Snyder Cut is throwing surprises with each passing day. It is rumored that JL will show more of how Joker killed Robin in DCEU.

The Ultimate DC Marvel Crossover: Superman Vs Galactus, Silver Surfer, Vulcan

Superman, the last Kryptonite, can he take them on? In a universe that’s more famous for its villains than its heroes. DC’s Superman truly deserves ‘The Man of Steel’ title. Be it his archnemesis Lex Luthor, or Doomsday, Parasite, Metallo…

Marvel Taking Over DC Comics — Iron Man vs Batman Coming Soon

DC Comics saw the departure of Dan DiDio succeeded by rumours that are just hard to believe. Is Marvel really taking over DC Comics?

Shocking! Amber Heard Replaced In Aquaman 2

Aquaman 2 may or may not be without Johnny Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard as Mera If anything, there’s one news that has been disrupting the web like a storm — it’s Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. Yep, the situation between…