Michael Keaton Had A Hard Time Understanding The Complicated The Flash Film

‘The Flash’ will feature Ezra Miller’s first solo appearance as the titular hero since joining the DC Extended Universe in ‘Batman V Superman’ in 2016. The highly awaited movie will feature the return of Michael Keaton as Batman. Michael Keaton…

Ryan Reynolds Blames Hollywood For The Failure Of Green Lantern

‘Green Lantern’ failed miserably upon its release and the reason isn’t an enigma to anyone, especially its lead actor Ryan Reynolds who spilt the beans on what went wrong with the film. Before breaking all superhero conventions in ‘Deadpool‘, Ryan…

Henry Cavill’s Girlfriend Is A Burden On Him

‘The Witcher’ star has received immense flak from fans due to his newly revealed relationship with Natalie Viscuso. Henry Cavill has become one of the most talked-about stars ever since he was inducted into the DC Extended Universe with ‘Man…

Wonder Woman Stunts Stole The Wonder Out Of Gal Gadot’s Body

Gal Gadot sustained some major spinal injuries while filming ‘Wonder Woman 1984’. After the release of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’, Gal Gadot candidly discussed how her superhero role injured her severely. The film starred Gadot in the titular role and Kristen…

DCEU Throws Out Henry Cavill From Future Superman Projects

Henry Cavill’s future as Superman in the DC Extended Universe continues to remain in the shadows. After his recent appearance in Zack Snyder’s directorial cut of ‘Justice League’, fans presumed the actor was returning to his ‘Man of Steel’ roots.…

7 Villains Featured In Zack Snyder’s Justice League

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Ultimate Crossover: Robert Pattinson’s The Batman Begins where Joker Ends

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Marvel Taking Over DC Comics — Iron Man vs Batman Coming Soon

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Welcome to the deranged world of quirky Harley Quinn

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