The Rock Wants To Know What WB Is Cooking For Black Adam

There has been a surge of excitement among the DC comics fan ever since the ‘Black Adam’ film with The Rock was announced. But as there is a small trouble brewing between The Rock and Warner Bros., what could it…

What Iron Man Can Learn From Batman About Saving The World

Out of Bruce Wayne, Batman and Tony Stark, Iron Man, who excels when it comes to saving the world DCEU and MCU have more in common than it meets the naked eyes. Most importantly, both of them have an army…

Dwayne Johnson Puts DC And Marvel Superheroes On Notice

Dwayne Johnson asks DC & Marvel Superheroes to be alarmed by Black Adam The DC Universe is not failing to keep us on our toes. It is not long after Zack Snyder’s Justice League has released, now DC has a…

Lucifer Writers Have A Disappointing Update On season 5B

As the anticipation surrounding ‘Lucifer’ Season 5B soars to an all-time high, its showrunners have revealed some frustrating news.

New Characters Are Making Their Way To Doom Patrol And We Know Who!

Season 3 of Doom Patrol that will premiere on HBO Max is all set to become darker by welcoming the Dead Boy Detectives and Brotherhood of Dada! 2020 is no one’s favourite year but the one thing it did right…

What Does Lucifer Mean?

There’s more to Netflix’s ‘Lucifer’ than just British actor Tom Ellis’ devilish grin and smouldering good looks. ‘Lucifer’ is based on the Sandman, a DC comic character which was originally created by Neil Gaiman and Sam Keith among others. ‘Lucifer’…

Beyoncé Is The New Wonder Woman For DC Comics

Pop icon Beyoncé along with 16 other women hailed as the Wonder Woman in new DC Comic series! These women are picked up for their contributions to their respective areas of expertise.

DC Distracts With FanDome While WarnerMedia Cuts Comic Books Down To Size

For DC fans and employees last week was quite eventful that’s least to say. While fans delved and relished all the new information around their favourite superheroes, their creators numerous DC employees got laid off. Two weeks ahead of its virtual fest DC FanDome, as a part of WarnerMedia’s restructuring DC layoffs several employees.

What Henry Cavill’s Black Superman Suit Really Mean For The Justice League

Traditionally, Superman’s black suit is known as regeneration suit. It symbolises his resurrection and recuperation. He donned it first time in 1992 comic, Death of Superman event. The suit draws power from the Sun and in few events when Superman felt weak or saw a near death event, he’d donned it.

Keaton’s Return To Clooney’s Warning — Robert Pattinson Picked The Wrong Time To Play Batman

Pattinson’s real challenge is to find the distinct tone of the Batman which Clooney miserably failed at. Otherwise, it’s we are on course for a recap of the Batman & Robin disaster.

Because the boy sure doesn’t have the Keaton-like husk to whisper I am Batman!