7 Types Of Men You Should Never Date

Sometimes, dating is hard and finding that one person who you can click with is even harder. Dating provides you a valuable experience in finding out the kind of guys you like and helps to sort out your choices. And not every guy you meet is worthy of you time.

6 Hacks If You’re Falling For Your BFF’s Crush

You’ve finally met the girl of your dreams; she’s pretty, she’s smart, has the same music taste as you, love the same football team. What are you waiting for, Go get her! The problem? Your best friend likes her too. Well, things are about to get Awkward! So, what should you do?


OH! You fell for that handsome, charming, witty, person with the most cutest smile that could melt any heart. But uh-oh. He is a philanderer.

The Do’s and Don’t for a perfect first date

The idea of that first date can be haunting, but with these right tips, your first dates will be downright stunning!