Top 11 Women Celebrites With Sexiest Legs On The Planet (2020)

We all have leg goals, don’t we? And Hollywood celebrities never fail to give us some hot legs inspiration

Jamie Dornan And His Fifty Shades Of Fame

Before his role as Christian Grey, the lovely yet tormented and extremely rich character with a mysterious propensity for fetishes in the blockbuster trilogy Fifty Shades, Jamie Dornan wasn’t a commonly recognized name. His first film job, in Sofia Coppola’s…

Dakota Johnson’s missing tooth gap fills the fans with rage

Dakota Johnson undertook a major change in her smile this week. She ended up closing her signature tooth gap. This iconic feature of her…

Coldplay singer broke up with Fifty Shades of Grey star, Dakota Johnson

Coldplay singer Chris Martin and actress Dakota Johnson have been in a relationship since late 2017.