Masturbation: A More Effective Way To Destress Than Having Wine, Carbs Or Sugar

Masturbation — the highest form of self-pleasure, self-love and self-care. You might have caressed your Lil’ billy into a sock, really enjoyed your carrot or cucumber, humped a cushion like an aroused bunny, or just used your hands to do…

Self Isolation — Why Am I Too Horny To Handle

Coronavirus Quarantine: Why is self isolation making you feel so damn horny? Are you constantly thinking about sex and feeling horny during your coronavirus quarantine? Fascinating about your latest crush? Constantly surfing porn websites? If yes, then you are not…

Masturbating Everyday Keeps The Doctor Away. Let’s Add A Sex Toy

Women can be tricky when it comes to reaching climax during sex. Oh well, too many factors contribute to this sad ending like stress, dryness, and lack of emotional intimacy. Ladies, need that spot to be hit really hard (not literally ouch!)

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