Cybersecurity Threats, Trends & Predictions In 2020

In 2020, one thing you can be sure to see is a barrage of cybersecurity predictions ranging from more “real” predictions to “finger in the sky” guesses that will make for interesting reading, even if they never come true.

Trend Micro finds IoT a hot topic in Cybercriminal underground

Trend Micro Incorporated, a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, released new research detailing a fast-growing market for IoT attacks. Cybercriminals from around the world are actively discussing how to compromise connected devices, and how to leverage these devices for moneymaking schemes.

Facebook sues two Ukrainians who used quiz apps to extract user data

Facebook has reportedly sued two Ukrainian men for allegedly using quiz apps to extract private data on its users to target ads. The lawsuit filed by the social networking giant accuses Gleb Sluchevsky and Andrey Gorbachov of running the years-long hacking…

Bulgarian arrested for ATM cloning in Visakhapatnam

The police on Saturday here arrested a Bulgarian national for allegedly cloning ATMs. City Task Force Team led by ACP Mahendra Mathe came to know that some foreign national was moving into ATM centres in a suspicious manner and was…