You Have Heard Of Bitcoin, But Did You Know About Ethereum

Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency on the planet, but it is time to start paying attention to Ethereum if you are looking for a smart investment.

CryptoKitties: What’s All The Fuss About?

What’s all the hype about Ethereum blockchain based CryptoKitties game? Also, what is Ethereum blockchain all about

Sounds Like Trump Secretly Backs Bitcoin

First President Donald Trump, now his Coronavirus stimulus package is boosting the cryptocurrency market

US Places A Bounty On Kim’s Pandemic-Exploiting North Korean Hackers

North Korea is bypassing U.S. sanctions by hacking global financial systems to raise funds for malicious activities…

Trend Micro Creates Factory Honeypot, Traps Malicious Attackers

Trend Micro, a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, today announced the results of a six-month honeypot imitating an industrial factory.

Bitcoin Price Is Set To Boom And Cross $2 Million By 2020

The rapidly surging hash rate, increasing market confidence, new regulations in the pipeline and the crucial halving event: Bitcoin Price is set to boom and cross $2,000,000 by 2020/21, thereby sparking a gold rush.

Hackers steal USD 49 million in cryptocurrency from Upbit

South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Upbit has confirmed hackers stole about USD 49 million worth of cryptocurrency. Upbit CEO Lee Seok-woo revealed in an official blog post that 342,000 ETH (approximately 58 billion South Korean won) were transferred from the Upbit Ethereum Hot Wallet to an unknown wallet.

Hackers steal $49 million worth cryptocurrency

Upbit CEO Lee Seok-woo revealed in an official blog post that 342,000 ETH (approximately 58 billion won) were transferred from the Upbeat Ethereum Hot Wallet to an unknown wallet.

Libra effect: Facebook’s cryptocurrency turns heads at EU

Euro zone governments and central banks are working on a long-term plan to launch a public digital currency (cryptocurrency) that they hope would make redundant projects like Facebook’s Libra, which is seen as a risk to financial stability, officials said on September 13.

Apple says cryptocurrency has ‘long-term potential’

Apple has just entered the finance market with its Apple Card and that may just be the beginning of it. At a recent private CNN event, Apple Pay’s Jennifer Bailey said that the company is looking at the cryptocurrency technology…