Oddz Finance live on the Avalanche Mainnet

The options trading protocol inches one step closer to a multi-chain future with the launch on the Avalanche mainnet network Oddz Finance, a crypto derivatives trading platform today announced its mainnet launch on Avalanche, an open, programmable smart contracts platform…

Bitcoin Is Bad For The Planet, But Cryptocurrencies Are NOT

If Bitcoin is here to stay, then sadly, our combined global efforts to tackle climate change might well be going down the drain. But not all cryptocurrencies are as menacing on the planet. Certainly not Ethereum.

Crypto Art: What Is It And Why It’s Turning Into The New ‘Rich Millennial Fad’

How much value would you assign to a piece of digital art or a meme? A $100 or 500? Sounds too steep? What if we told you that these artistic creations – known as crypto art – are now selling for millions of dollars.