“Dog Lover” LA Premiere-Dark Comedy — Man Who Win’s Wife’s Love By Becoming Her Dog

DIRECTOR ANNE-SOPHIE BINE’ — DARK COMEDY “DOG LOVER” HOSTS — WORLD PREMIERE AT BROAD HUMOR FILM FESTIVAL —  Los Angeles Premiere at DTLA Film Festival on September 17, 2022 — Los Angeles, CA (September 12, 2022) – Anne-Sophie Bine’s directorial…

Your Honor: Is It Based On A True Story?

“Today is yesterday.”Starring the Emmy Award winner Bryan Cranston for playing Walter White on ‘Breaking Bad’, ‘Your Honor’ is an American series loosely inspired by the Israeli TV series ‘Kvodo’. From the producers of the ‘Good Wife’ and ‘The Night…

Paramount+ Finally Gives A Green Signal To Criminal Minds Season 16

CBS’ hit police procedural drama ‘Criminal Minds’ will soon be returning as Paramount+ is officially reviving the series. Created and produced by Jeff Davis, ‘Criminal Minds’ is one of the most popular police procedural crime drama of our times. The…

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From The Most Horrifying To The Most Common, Every Death On Criminal Minds Ranked

Of all the crime procedural dramas on television, ‘Criminal Minds’ is distinct for its portrayal of some of the most terrifying deaths. To hunt a serial killer, you have to be able to think like one. That’s exactly what the…

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