The Arrogance At The Heart Of India’s Pandemic Failure

India did the opposite of preparing for the second wave. It declared the war won and disengaged. But with the enemy still lurking around, complacency turned out to be an invitation to indiscriminate slaughter.

Biden’s Economic Blues, Schrodinger’s Cat On Mars & Snyder’s Zombies On Netflix — The World This Week

From Covid-19 outdoing Southeast Asia’s A-grade response to Meghan and Harry’s latest jibe at Queen Elizabeth –– the top developing news stories from around world this week.

India’s Covid Crisis Requires Modi Cut The Red Tape On Foreign Aid

Where on one hand, millions are being raised globally to help a 1.4 billion-strong nation sail through its most crippling crises, on the other, the non-profits in India are reeling under a severe paucity of funds.

India Gives World First Private Digital Court

Jupitice Justice Technologies has developed the World’s First Private Digital Court under the Private Justice System (Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR Mechanism). This brings India to the forefront of innovation in lawtech (legal technology). Ever-increasing disputes and high case pendency…

Vaccine, Oxygen, Economy: India In The Grips Of An Acute Policy Paralysis

India’s transitioning from a Vaccine Importer to a Vaccine Exporter is a case of Government’s Covid policy paralysis. Scientists say, Government did not pay heed to the warnings of the deadly second wave.

Covid-19 Catastrophe Was Avoidable: IPPPR Report Blasts WHO & Governments

Independent panel passed a harsh verdict alleging that various governments worldwide and the World Health Organization failed to respond quickly enough to early warning signs.

Meddo to launch FREE Covid Care Facilities with 150 beds equipped with medical staff

One of India’s leading network clinic brand Meddo, has collaborated with Meddo foundation, Treebo and Swiggy, to launch FREE Covid Care Facilities in Gurgaon. Being categorized as a L1 facility, the these centres would cater to people in early stage…

Covid-19 Variant In India To Push Travel Industry’s Losses Beyond $1 Trillion

As India wrestles with an unprecedented medical emergency, several nations have bolted their boundaries to any guests from the country, whose diaspora is the biggest on the planet.

India Ignored “High Concern” Of Its Own Covid-19 Experts To Actively Worsen The Crisis

INSACOG conveyed “high concern” due to the greater transmissibility and virulence of the new variants to the Government of India in February 2021. Yet the government ignored the concerns and went ahead with Kumb Mela and massive election rallies in several states.

India’s Stock Markets Remain Resilient Despite Covid-19 Devastation

The Pandemic is on a killing spree in the country and businesses & MSMEs are not impervious to it. So why does the D-Street remain immune to the gruesome impact of the second Covid wave?