The ‘Sood’ Samaritan: How An Actor Held The Destitute Close, And Helped Them Win

If there’s someone who shows promptly how reel and real lives are stark opposites, how threads of fantasy and reality hardly intertwine together, it is none other than Sonu Sood. Highlights: Where it all began The messiah to the poor…

India’s COVID-19 Response Is Incomplete Without A Re-evaluation Of The Healthcare Ecosystem

The COVID-19 outbreak has made us realise the importance of a robust healthcare system that is ready to deal with any health crisis. It is time to understand the healthcare system in India, challenges it face and ways to make it accessible for everyone…

COVID-19 Changes The Hiring Process: Best Recruitment Practices For HRs

With COVID-19 pandemic taking a toll on the economy, the job market looks depressing. Businesses are facing huge losses, stock markets are crashing and companies are finding hard to sustain.

Leaving Behind Glamour As It Aims For Sustainability — Fashion Reinvents Itself

Considered as one of the most polluting industries, the fashion business is poised for change with COVID-19 making it more sustainable, affordable, and ethical.

A Work From Home Edition Of The Office Will Beat All The Records

Rumours have it that The Office returns to TV to teach professionals about the new corporate culture with a season 10. The world is reeling under lockdown pressure due to Covid-19. Seven years later, America’s favourite sitcom The Office might…

A Glimpse Of India Inc’s Agile And Innovative COVID-19 Response

India has recently become the fifth most affected country with more than a quarter of a million cases and almost 7500 deaths. The pandemic hit came along with an economic crisis. However, the response from India Inc in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic has been laudable.

Sunny Leone Runs Away From India To Save Her Family From Coronavirus

Sunny leone had been living in India for a decade.. But come coronavirus pandemic, she rushed out of India at the first chance she got!

Should The World Thank China?

Contaminated drug shipments from China have forced lawmakers worldwide to give serious thought to the threat of weaponized medicine.

The ‘Bois Locker Rooms’ Are Vast And The Problem Lies In The Past

We need to look at the root of these ‘bois locker room’ groups, which is not just in this one elite Delhi school. It is there everywhere, only, this one came to the fore.

Can Nicotine From Tea Rather Than Tobacco Prevent Covid-19?

Does smoking better adapt the human lungs to fight Covid-19? Not quite. But nicotine is under the microscope as a possible preventive measure against the need for hospitalization. Moreover, will nicotine in tea instead of tobacco have the same impact that prevents Covid-19 causing an immune overreaction?

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