First Adults Now Children: India’s Third Covid-19 Wave Should Worry The World

Amid people’s reproval of Modi’s handling of the Covid-19 crisis in the country, Govt’s Top Scientific Advisor warns India should brace for impact as the Third Wave is “Inevitable”.

‘Cov-Tech Ventilation System’, a compact ventilation System for PPE Suits Designed By Nihaal Singh Adarsh, a Student Innovation Incubated at riidl

It is a known fact that working in PPE suits for long hours is extremely uncomfortable, making it a challenge for frontline and healthcare workers. To fix their problem, Watt Technovations, Nihaal Singh Adarsh a student from K J Somaiya…

When Will India’s Oxygen Horror Show End?

A lethal second wave and an acute shortage in the supply of medical oxygen have brought India on its knees in its fight against Coronavirus. What can the country do to resolve it at the earliest, and why did India fail to predict this huge crisis?

India’s Vaccine Shortage Isn’t Just Simple Math Gone Wrong

The “pharma of the world” – India faces vaccine shortages as Covid-19 cases peak at 400,00 in a day. Opp slams Centre for lack of preparedness and washing its hands off accountability.

Prime Focus Technologies announces free COVID vaccines for its employees; supports community relief measures

Prime Focus Technologies (PFT), the technology subsidiary of Prime Focus, the world leader in media and entertainment industry services, has released a COVID-19 update as India grapples with an increasing number of new cases. While India will come together and get through this, PFT…

Report Card: How India Is Handling The Brutal Second Wave Of Covid-19

How is India handling this second wave of COVID-19 in comparison to other countries? What is the global media’s opinion about Narendra Modi’s image-conscious government?

NoBrokerHOOD Organizes Vaccination Camps for Society Residents in Fight against Covid-19

With over 3.5 lakh new cases being recorded daily from across the country, the citizens are battling with the second wave of the Covid-19. Reinforcing its commitment to the community, NoBrokerHOOD – the visitor, society, and payments management app by…

Vaccine Passports: Pros, Cons & How They Can Kickstart World Economy

Vaccine Passports are coming someday soon you may need to prove your Covid status to go to the pub, food-joint, travel abroad or even go to work.

Pack Your Bags! Testing Breakthrough Promises To End Covid Travel Restrictions

Will the pioneering revolutionary cPass Test turntables for the pandemic-induced stagnancy in the travel and tourism industry?

Vaccine Diplomacy: Is India Ignoring Risks At Home For Rewards Abroad?

India’s Vaccine Diplomacy beats China to the chase, delivering millions of free Covid-19 Vaccine doses to neighbours and developing nations of the world; bolsters its Soft Power.