Not Chloroquine But Favipiravir Might be The ‘Game-Changer’ For COVID-19 Treatment

When most of the drugs and treatments have failed, an antiviral drug called Favipiravir is exhibiting positive results in treating the patients affected by COVID-19.

Isolation Ward On Wheels — Indian Railways Joins COVID-19 Fight

Following the decision of conversion of its train coaches into isolation wards, the Indian Railways has found a new way of aiding the Indians during the COVID-19 crisis.

Corona Kavach App: Govt Gives Every Indian The First Line Of Defence

The ‘Corona Kavach’ tracker application is being seen as the Indian government’s technological weapon in the battle against COVID-19.

COVID-19 Care: Increase Your Chances Of Survival With These Lessons From History

Pandemics like Spanish flu, Asian flu, H1N1 Swine flu completely changed the world history. With the recent outbreak of the novel coronavirus, it’s time to dig into the past and compare COVID-19 with other pandemics of the 20th century.

Stubborn Trump Is A Bigger Threat To America Than Coronavirus — Experts

Trump Vs Doctors: 158 Million Americans Told To Stay Home (In Mr. Trump’s America).Coronavirus Lockdown Threatens 10 Million People To Be Jobless The US economy seems to be heading towards a massive depression with millions facing unemployment and businesses in…

Why You Must Visit The Google COVID-19 Website?

Are you in lockdown? Is pandemic panic taking over you? Is self-isolation killing you? Has your business gone downhill? Looking for a work from home opportunity? Google’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Website has an answer for how to plan ahead.

21 Million Mobile Phones Disappeared — Why Is China Bluffing On Its Covid-19 Death Toll?

Satellite images, speed of the internet and overall traffic information are telling a very different story of coronavirus death toll in china…

Fact Check: Can Coronavirus Kill You

Coronavirus fatality research shows it’s still far from the periphery of known and unknown and that’s the problem…

Latest News & Covid-19 Q&A: Why Mankind Is Losing The Battle Against Coronavirus?

The latest Covid-19 Q&A and News The big question is — Will coronavirus defeat all science and human wisdom?

Malaria Medicine Might Cure The Situation For Trump But Won’t Stop The Coronavirus Pandemic

With no drug approved as coronavirus’ cure and a possible vaccine still a year away, Donald Trump’s ‘game-changer’ anti-malaria chloroquine, might help. Seems America has found the fastest way to deal with coronavirus.