Aparajitha Corporate Services Private Limited, the country’s No. 1 company for Compliance, organised its 10th Global Compliance Webinar. The session was on how businesses can avoid heavy penalties with regular updates and insights on any industrial compliance requirements digitally. The company introduced…

The Future Belongs To Leaders Who Know How To Outshine Crises

To succeed in a future where the next crisis is always looming large, leaders must accept change as a constant.

Monday Blues? Time for some Corporate Detox

In today’s world of corporate slavery, where days go in the blink of an eye and become weeks, months and years of toil, it is important that every employee takes a break i.e. a corporate detox.

Insomniac workaholic or lazy llama: What’s your work role?

Claire looked for a replacement – Mule-cum-Llama. Upon not finding one, she has to resort to hiring both the ex-employees again. This leads to Brand success for her business. Moral of the story?

Obesity, Heart Ailments, and Cancer: Final Fate of India’s Millennial Workforce?

As India Inc. enters the next stage of growth, the young Indian millennials fuelling it are risking their life with health issues in a highly competitive environment filled with stress and long working hours.

The Dark Reality: Having it All vs Dying for It

What led to the Coffee King’s mysterious disappearance? In his last letter, Coffee Day founder VG Siddhartha alleged ‘harassment’ and ‘undue pressure’ from private equity investors and lenders.