From Burberry To Louis Vuitton — Calculating The Coronavirus Impact On Luxury Retail

Coronavirus impacts the Luxury market in the worst way possible. It’s to be seen how long the sector might take to recover from the epidemic

Coronavirus Outbreak Makes Samsung An Unlikely Beneficiary

Samsung slowly shifted its manufacturing operations to Vietnam from China. In the face of the Coronavirus calamity, the shift becomes one of it’s more prudent ones in recent times.

98% Chance You Won’t Die If Infected By Coronavirus

The world’s newest coronavirus scare may have infected 60,409 people globally, but the threat is literally being overdramatized by world media.

Luxury Sector Takes Care of Coronavirus Hit China

The outbreak of Coronavirus has put China in the intensive care of global luxury retailers.   The outbreak of Coronavirus has hit the world. And now it has a name, the unknown virus from the Corona family is now dubbed,…