Stranger Things Star Millie Bobby Brown Has Something To Say About Coronavirus

The world is fighting against coronavirus, millions of people worldwide are taking safety precautions against the virus. Now, Millie Bobby

Global Sex Recession — Was Courtesy Technology And NOW Coronavirus Alert

Despite the shockingly vast exposure to adult movies, today’s generation is actually having less sex as compared to their grandparents. Not the best image to start with but certainly a compelling realisation. Not very surprising though considering that people in…

Not Even Coronavirus Can Stop Meghan Markle’s Comeback In Suits Season 10

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Meet The Marvel Superheroes Who Are Immune To Coronavirus

Many viruses have corrupted the Marvel Universes. If coronavirus hits the Marvel Universe, which superheroes will be immune to it?

Top 10 Movies To Watch And Kill Coronavirus Outbreak

Locked Down But Not Knocked Down COVID-19 has created a situation of lockdown across the world. People have been advised to stay home/indoors and get ready for a times of isolation. Since It’s a compulsion to stay home during coronavirus…

The Big Ban Theory — Germaphobe Donald Trump Has Much To Learn From Sheldon Cooper

US President Donald Trump is a self-proclaimed germaphobe, but when it comes to making the entire America endorse germophobia for a while, he isn’t doing that good a job.

Coronavirus Infected Chris Pratt Found Stranded In JURASICK World

Chris Pratt bows down to mini-bombs called Coronavirus that has turned the epic dinosaur-themed Jurassic World: Dominion…

Forget Christmas, Stranger Things Season 4 Is Not Even Releasing In 2020

Netflix’s original series Stranger Things is an extremely popular show that has so far panned out three seasons. Meanwhile, Stranger Things Season 4 is expected to go on floor this year but that might take longer than expected. Due to…

Coronavirus: Keeping a Check On That Emotion Wellbeing

Living in the times of Coronavirus keeping our emotional health in check is as paramount as the physical one.

Chances Of A Downton Abbey Season 7 Post Coronavirus Lockdown

While it would be exciting to fans, the producers have not confirmed anything as of yet. But as speculations go, there could be Downton Abbey season 7. Highlights Recap Season 1-6 Downton Abbey- the film Downton Abbey  Season 7 The…