Bloating Inventories With Few Takers: The US Economy Stares At A Dull Q4 In 2020

After the relaxation of the lockdown norms by states triggered optimism and an early uptick in activity, the momentum has since been fading away as the US economy enters Q4 2020.

COVID-19 And The Shift In Entertainment: Top 3 Trends That Are Here To Stay

COVID-19 has irreversibly transformed nearly every aspect of our daily lives, including the way in which we consume entertainment. Here are three colossal entertainment trends that will long outlive the threat of the pandemic.

Deepak Sahni’s Healthians Reinvents Preventive Healthcare To Suit Pandemic Needs

At Healthians, our belief has been to work towards making India a healthier nation and help every individual in working towards their health actively. The COVID pandemic brought with it an unprecedented aet of challenges as witnessed across the globe. During such times of crisis, it was essential that we extend our support to the government and the people. – Deepak Sahni, Founder and CEO, Healthians

More Vijay Mallyas And Kingfishers In The Offing As Panic Looms Large Across Airlines Globally

The Global Airlines Industry is in for a rough ride in the coming months. Smart business strategies and governmental bailouts are needed to prevent a bloodbath in a sector that depends on passenger perceptions of availability and safety.

India’s Healthcare System Prides Itself On Medical Tourism But Remains Inaccessible To Most

Although there has been a significant improvement in healthcare services in India post-independence era, there is still a long way to go before India can provide affordable and timely health services to all its citizens.

How To Know When You Have Aced A Job Interview

It is evident that looking for a new job has become really tough during these uncertain times. It’s even harder to get a clear idea of how your job interview went. Here are certain points that may help you gauge how likely are you to get the job.

Economics 101: From Pandemic Management To Climate Change

The COVID pandemic has wreaked havoc across the world. But despite the widespread devastation, this experience might help us do better in our fight against climate change.

Bikes4Sale: How A Serial Bootstrapper Built A Pandemic-Proof Business Model

Bikes4Sale comes across as the dark horse of the Online Bike Market segment. In the game for the last 13 years Founder Arun Thomas has seen many ups and downs which taught him to stay lean and braced for calamity. That warrior ideology enabled Bikes4Sale to come out of the crisis relatively unscathed even when the auto sector saw its worst days.

Home Isolation – The Key Element In The Delhi Strategy To Fight Coronavirus

With the lockdown extending for four phases, social distance had widened more than physical distance. While the declining Corona numbers can be attributed to strong coordination among agencies, the task of regaining normalcy and the faith of the people in an otherwise socially widened society remains crucial.

Kickstarting Business During The Pandemic — How To Capitalize On Uncertainty

Before launching your business, make sure to check the demand for your products will be for the long-term. Contingent demand is likely to slow your business down in the long-term. Researching extensively about the market will help. Try putting your hands on relevant public or private data on your genre of business.