Breaking: Notorious Conor McGregor to make UFC return in Jan 2020

The 31-year-old Irish mixed martial artist, Conor McGregor has confirmed the date for his return in UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).

Video: UFC star Conor McGregor punches an older man in a Dublin bar

Irish martial artist and boxer Conor Anthony McGregor punched an older man for turning…

Justin Bieber challenges Tom Cruise for a cage Fight

Justine Bieber wants have a fight in the Octogon with the Mission Impossible actor Tom Cruice.

Has Mcgregor changed his mind again on retirement?

Conor Mcgregor to play Mixed Martial Arts again, changes plan to retirement MMA star Conor Mcgregor once again made a U-turn on his retirement, which he had announced just two weeks ago. “I want to move forward, with my fans…

Amid controversies Conor McGregor the mixed martial arts hero declares retirement

Mixed martial arts fighter Conor McGregor announced his retirement on Twitter Conor McGregor, the mixed martial arts fighter who is always surrounded by controversies disclosed about his retirement to fans through social media. On 26 March morning, McGregor tweeted about…