What Is Behind Indian IT Sector’s Spiked Attrition Rate And Is It All Good?

Recruitment rate in India is on an upsurge and so is attrition rate. What does this tell us? Highlights — Leading tech giants of India record highest attrition rate since pandemic outbreak. Cognizant reports highest-ever attrition rate in Mar-June quarter.…

The Inspiring Story Of Chargebee Founders: Scripting Success From Chennai To San Francisco

Founders of Chargebee have an inspiring story that restores your faith in the age-old saying that there is no substitute for hard work.

Britain’s Network Rail Selects Cognizant To Help Make Intelligent Infrastructure

Cognizant will lead the consortium in developing and applying enhanced data collection and analytics to Network Rail’s more than 12,000 connected assets, such as track circuits, signal power supplies, and switches.

Cognizant to acquire Contino; a technology consulting firm

Cognizant today announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire Contino, a privately-held technology consulting firm.

MG Motor, Cognizant team up to deliver India’s first connected internet car

Cognizant (Nasdaq: CTSH) today announced that it has designed and implemented a digital solution enabling MG Motor India to deliver a seamless and intuitive brand experience to customers of the Hector SUV –

Cognizant on a future firing strategy

Marginal performers or employees who are sitting on bench for a long period of time may be targeted in the layoff process. Cognizant may lay off more, delays campus hires.

Cognizant names Sandra Wijnberg to Board of Directors

Cognizant today announced that Sandra Wijnberg has been appointed to its Board as a new independent director, effective July 16, 2019. Please find attached the press release and a photograph of Sandra Wijnberg.

Newsline | Can Brian retrieve Cognizant’s ‘good ol’ days’?

New Cognizant CEO Brian Humphries has to address revenue deceleration, missed opportunities, and an unpleasant record of outsider CEOs in Indian IT firms. Francisco D’Souza is moving on from his position as CEO, Cognizant after a period of 12 years.…