What Is The Anthropocentric Viewpoint And How It Stops Us From Addressing Environmental Issues

What’s happening in the states of Goa and Maharashtra underlines a troubling trend in India. That of the state’s intent to build infrastructure to accelerate economic growth and development essentially coming at the cost of environment and biodiversity.

Economics 101: From Pandemic Management To Climate Change

The COVID pandemic has wreaked havoc across the world. But despite the widespread devastation, this experience might help us do better in our fight against climate change.

Earth Day 2020: How Coronavirus Saved the World

It’s Earth Day 2020 — the decade marks the completion of 50 years of the environmental movement, in fearful times of Coronavirus

COVID-19 Is Just A Glimpse Of Impending Natural Catastrophes

While the talks surrounding global warming have often been limited to debates, the COVID-19 pandemic may just turn out to be the perfect alarm to evoke actions for climate change.

Man Vs COVID-19: Why We’d Never Win

Outbreak of the novel Coronavirus has impacted Earth-lings but as nature unravels its fury. Do we stand a chance?

Clock Says — Propaganda and Fake News Brings Humans Closer to Doomsday

Apart from nuclearization, climate change, and disease, fake news and propaganda now factors into what will bring on humanity’s annihilation on Earth, say the timekeepers of the Doomsday Clock.

Picture The End: Climate Change Killed 50,000+ And Displaced 50 Million People In 2019

We’re in the last month of 2019 and world leaders are in Madrid for international climate negotiations at the COP25. Here’s a look at where their efforts landed the Earth. In easy words, the consequences of climate change in terms of natural disasters in 2019.

Climate change, Gurdwara visit on cards during Prince Charles’s trip to India this week

Britain’s Prince Charles, who will arrive in India on Wednesday on a two-day trip, will have a packed schedule, including a bilateral meeting with President Ram Nath Kovind, discussions on issues related to climate change and sustainable markets, and a…

A Relief at the time of Distress in Climate Change

Amid increasing crisis in Climate Change, there is a sight of relief provided by new research to combat adverse climate situations. Researchers have come up with a new system to remove carbon-dioxide efficiently from the air and this can prove…

With rising seas, 300 million people could be underwater by 2050

New research shows that earlier researches were too optimistic – rising sea levels will submerge major coastal cities on earth by 2050.