Wonder Woman Co-Star Chris Pine Ruined Gal Gadot’s Best Takes On The Sets

Steve Trevor and Diana Prince have a relationship that was written in the stars. It appears that the chemistry translates to off-screen, too, with Chris Pine and Gal Gadot sharing a close friendship on the sets of the ‘Wonder Woman’…

Gal Gadot’s Bane To Chris Pine’s Conflict — Patty Jenkins Puzzles Wonder Woman Fans

After weeks of exciting teasers and speculation, DC’s virtual FanDome offered an immersive experience for fans, who were able to glean details about upcoming movies, series, games and comics. The Wonder Woman 1984 panel kickstarted the event, with director Patty Jenkins giving fans another trailer, which addressed some leaks from the highly-anticipated sequel.

Chris Pine’s Steve Back From Dead In Wonder Woman 1984 — Gal Gadot Will Pay A Price

Soldier Steve knows very well how to trap himself in a timeless youth. 2020 is one hell of a year considering Marvel and DC are on a roll. While DC has just given a glimpse of the new Batman, fans…

How will Steve Trevor return in Wonder Woman 1984?

Warner Media has shared a glimpse of Wonder Woman 1984 ahead of its trailer release scheduled for December. The glimpse showcases Chris Pine revive his role as Steve Trevor after he supposedly sacrificed himself to save the world. Diana Prince,…

Will Gal Gadot lose her powers in Wonder Woman 1984?

Gal Gadot’s character, Wonder Woman, which is all set to come to screen for the third time, is under controversies even before…(1984)