Stranger Things’ Jim Hopper Will Help The World Out Of The COVID-19 Aftereffects

While celebrities have donated millions in help against COVID-19, David Harbour (Jim Hopper) is extending his help in a unique way…

Donating Or Defeating: Oprah Winfrey Beats Kylie Jenner, Dolly Parton And Donates $10 Million

Oprah Winfrey is the latest celeb to give donations to nullify the effects of coronavirus…She surpassed Kylie and Dolly’s $1m..

Taylor Swift’s Generosity Breaks Records By Saving A Nashville Records Store Going Out Of Bussiness

Taylor Swift is swiftly becoming the prime example of returning back to society…she helped a Nashville records store from shutting down…

Here’s Your Once In A Lifetime Opportunity To Go On A Dinner Date With GOT’s Emilia Clarke

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Taylor Swift Brings Sunshine On A Platter For Coronavirus Hit Fans

Taylor Swift – The singer sent $3,000 to two of her fans who were facing financial hardships due to Covid-19.