Brie Larson Is Being Paid To Destroy Captain Marvel 2

Disney is set to make Brie Larson the highest-paid superhero actress ever with ‘Captain Marvel 2’ – MCU fans wonder how good that is for the movie. Amid MCU fans demanding Marvel to get rid of Brie Larson, and Brie…

Captain Marvel Brie Larson Could Not Protect Herself From Male Haters

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MCU Recasting Captain Marvel: Looks Like Its A Bye Larson For Brie Larson

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Brie Larson To Get Ms. Marvel’s Help In Captain Marvel 3

Soon after officially joining MCU, Ms. Marvel will be doing Brie Larson some big favours by saving Carol Danvers in ‘Captain Marvel’ 2 & 3 and more future movies. It’s such a treat to see Marvel expanding and bringing newer…

MCU Fan Protest Casts Doubt Over Brie Larson’s Future As Captain Marvel

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Brie Larson And Disney Are Working Towards Making Captain Marvel A Lesbian Character In The Sequel

Fans like it or not, but it’s about time Marvel is going to bring in the lesbian characters to empower the LGBTQ community. The first step in MCU can be Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel 2. Captain Marvel was released on…