Brie Larson’s Classy Avatar In Ms. Marvel Costume Compels Fans To Read Between The Lines

Brie Larson who stars in MCU as Captain Marvel, recently got a new avatar as Ms Marvel… Could this be a teaser to Captain Marvel 2?

Captain Marvel 2: Carol Danvers To Become The Ultimate Avenger

The latest Marvel comic issue of Captain Marvel promises a mighty storyline. But what does it mean for Marvel’s Phase 5? Captain Marvel’s 150th issue is all set to go on sale on 18 March 2020 and the Marvel Studios…

Henry Cavill All Set To Play Wolverine In Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel 2

Sources claim that Henry Cavill might play new Wolverine is MCU’s Captain Marvel 2. Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel 2 might introduce Wolverine, played by Henry Cavill this time, in MCU. Don’t be surprised. Marvel, since acquiring Fox studios, had been…

Captain Marvel Couldn’t Fit Into Cindrella’s Shoes: Brie Larson Never Looked More Bizarre

Brie Larson wore a dramatic Cinderella dress at the NAACP Image Awards. The actress is getting trolled for wearing a dramatic outfit for her

Captain Marvel 2: Dakota Fanning To Turn Rogue Against Brie Larson

As Brie Larson and Captain Marvel 2 are gearing up for Marvel Phase 5, a new name is joining all the rumours around the movie, Dakota Fanning

Brie Larson Is Back At It Again: Captain Marvel 2 Release Date Confirmed

On what glorious date will Captain Marvel 2 release and sway it’s fans more than ever before

Avengers 5 Will Be A Hit Show Courtesy Brie Larson’s Return

Remember how emotional we got when we had to say our goodbyes to the best slew of superheroes from our childhood till now? Yeah, it still hurts. Avengers: Endgame was a sweet ride. However, a brand new team of Avengers…

With Captain Marvel 2, Brie Larson To Become A Director

After the original directors of Captain marvel have stepped down, Brie Larson could possibly be the co-director of the sequel.  Being a superhero in one of MCU’s productions is a task in itself. Rigorous training, frustrating diet, and shooting for…

Dakota Fanning To Leave Brie Larson Powerless In Captain Marvel 2

With so many rumours about the much-anticipated villain in Captain Marvel 2 arising, who will end up battling with the strongest? The OG Rogue Anna Paquin? Or a new one in Dakota Fanning? It is no secret that Captain Marvel…

Shocking! No Brie Larson In And As Captain Marvel 2

Producers give in to the petitions of the people and bring a woman of colour on board as Captain Marvel in Captain Marvel 2