US Cannabis Industry To Be Worth $100bn By 2030 — Massive Support Paves Bright Future

Experts project “high” expectations for MJ industry in the decade to come. Marijuana industry is swiftly pacing ahead to become mainstream in the U.S., thanks to the lawmakers. 18 states along with Washington have already legalized recreational cannabis for adults…

Seven Strains Of Cannabis That Will Cause Fits Of Laughter

Finding the right strain for the right purpose can sometimes require a bit of trial and error, but once you do find one to fit your needs, you are set.

Men Who Regularly Smoke Cannabis Have Increased Risk of Testicular Cancer

A recent study has established that men who frequently smoke cannabis have an increased risk of developing testicular cancer. According to the study, regular cannabis users were 36 per cent more likely to have developed testicular cancer. This is in contrast to…

Madhya Pradesh Govt to legalise cannabis cultivation

Madhya Pradesh government will legalise the cultivation of cannabis. It will, however, only be for medicinal and industrial purposes, state legal affairs minister PC Sharma said on Wednesday.

Why cannabis are replacing OTC?

A recent study found that 80 percent of medical cannabis users substitute it for prescription pain medications such as opioids.

Old Man Accused of Getting Church goers High on Weed Cookies

Okay, that might not be that common, but it seems to be what happened to the

Ben and Jerry’s to sell CBD infused ice cream when it becomes legal

Ben and Jerry’s has announced its plan to release a CBD infused ice cream as soon as the product becomes legalized in the US.