Are You Using One Of These 78 Sunscreens With Cancer-Causing Benzene?

Lab testing has detected benzene, a known human carcinogen, in 78 sunscreen products. Check out if you are using the wrong brand, too, like most of us!

RIP Black Panther; Chadwick Boseman Dies At 43: Tracing The Actor’s Legacy Through Pictures

The man that breathed life into Marvel’s Black Panther, Chadwick Boseman, died from colon cancer at 43. Boseman has been battling colon cancer since 2016. But, he died on Friday night, with his wife by his side. WATCH: MARVEL STUDIOS…

Arjun Kapoor creates awareness on National Cancer Rose Day with cancer affected children

Bollywood Actor Arjun Kapoor created awareness on National Cancer Rose Day with children suffering from the disease in Mumbai. He actively took part to create awareness about the disease. Arjun interacted with the children and motivated them.

Sugary drinks may increase cancer risk: study

A recent study suggests that there might be a possible association between higher consumption of sugary drinks and an increased risk of cancer.

India gets its first virtual cancer hospital

Cancer Rounds is a virtual cancer hospital available to patients worldwide. It is the first-ever hospital of its kind providing help to patients suffering from cancer, by being a complete care solution for patients that includes everything from experienced oncologists to dietary counselling with a cancer nutritionist and a psychologist counsellor.

Exercise improves anxiety, mood in elderly cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy

Recently, scientists have found that exercise not only improves anxiety and mood problems in younger cancer patients but also in older adult patients who are undergoing chemotherapy. The study was published in the ‘Journal of American Geriatrics Society’.

12 Celebrities with serious illnesses

These celebrities have given us great movies, entertainment, and gossips that we could never get done with. But, what we admire the most is their fighting spirit and their ever so strong morale to keep them going.

A Lion undergoes radiation therapy for Skin Cancer

A lion is receiving radiation therapy for skin cancer lesions on his nose A lion named Chaos is receiving radiation therapy for skin cancer lesions on his nose at Muelmed Mediclinic in Pretoria, north-east South Africa. Chaos was treated by…

7 ways to ensure breast-cancer free life

Breast cancer – Two words are enough to jolt any woman!!! We all are a bit uncomfortable when it comes to the big C. When someone close to us got diagnosed with the disease or even when we read about…