Mountain Town In Canada Is Scorched, Climate Change To Blame

At 49.6 C, This Small Canadian Town Is Simmering Like Never Before, Experts Point To Climate Change. Think of Canada, and you picture snow-covered sidewalks, clear streams of freezing snow water and a thick cover of towering greens. With average summer…

‘Never Seen Before’ Brain Disease Grips Canadian Province, Stumps Doctors

In a small Canadian province of New Brunswick, 48 people have so far presented with abaffling mix of serious symptoms, ranging from impaired motor function to insomnia,hallucinations and memory loss. After a battery of tests and diagnostics performed on these…

Dystopian Series The Handmaid’s Tale To Invade Canada In Season 4

Gilead to invade Canada in a revenge twist in Handmaid’s Tale Season 4. American dystopian tragedy series The Handmaid’s Tale which got renewed for its fourth season last year is set to invade Canada in the upcoming season. In what…

Exit Polls back Justin Trudeau for second term as Canada’s Prime Minister

Justin Trudeau is expected to serve another term as Canada’s prime minister as Liberals are winning a plurality of seats in Parliament, according

US, UK, Canada condemn China and Pakistan for persecuting minorities

Raising the issue of suppression of religious freedom at the United Nations, the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada on Thursday slammed

Thor caught scoring we*d online!

Now there’s a Marvel headline you don’t see every day. But yes, as is implied by the title above, someone in Canada reportedly

Global T20 League: Gayle’s Vancouver Knights beat Yuvraj’s Toronto Nationals

In the opening match of the second edition of the Global T20 League, Canada Vancouver Knights defeat..

Twitter is testing a way to hide replies

To help keep toxic or irrelevant tweets at bay, Twitter is testing a new feature that will allow users to hide replies to their tweets.

Protesters in Canada demand Pakistan to stop forced conversion of minor Hindu girls

Scores of protesters, mostly Hindus from Sindh, who have made Canada their home, on Saturday gathered at the Mississauga Celebration Square here, demanding Pakistan to stop forced religious conversion of minor Hindu girls and justice for those who have been forcibly converted.

India participates in World Bicycle Day with United Nations

India’s Ambassador to the United Nations Syed Akbaruddin and his team celebrated World Bicycle Day in New York. Various countries including Turkmenistan, Bahrain, Indonesia and Canada participated in the event. World Bicycle Day is celebrated worldwide on June 03.