The Gorgeous Monarch Butterflies Are One Spring Away From Extinction

From millions a decade ago to possibly none in the coming decade. A massive dip in Western Monarch Butterflies’ population raises fear of yet another species going down at the hands of Climate Change.

3 More Stars Bid Us Adieu Within 24 Hours

After reporting 5 celebrity deaths that have occurred in the last 72 hours, 3 more stars have been confirmed dead. SEARCH CONCLUDES; ACTRESS CONFIRMED DEAD AT 33 The Ventura County Sherriff has confirmed (in the early hours of July 14)…

The second quake in two days jolts southern California

Multiple fires broke out after an earthquake measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale shook southern California on Friday night,

Mike Tyson reveals plans to build 407-acre weed holiday resort

American boxing legend Mike Tyson is planning to build a 407-acre marijuana-themed holiday resort in California.

US hospital gives mini cars to young patients to drive to surgery

US hospital gives mini cars to young patients US hospital has come up with a new way to ease young patients who are anxious before surgery by giving them mini cars to drive to surgery. Doctors Medical Center in Modesto,…