Bring On The Earplugs! Arnab Goswami Is On TV

While Arnab Goswami, the powerful polarizer in chief, has secured interim bail from the Supreme Court, the Maharashtra Government and Police have ended up looking like sullen villains skulking in the shadows. So how does one respond to this man and his antics?

While Rockstar Modi Entertains Trump, Violence Rocks His Country’s Capital

The Anti-CAA protests were bound to amplify in the face of international attention, but Pro-CAA groups aligned with the ruling party took to the streets on a day PM Modi would ideally have wanted to pass peacefully – the timing is highly suspicious.

Corrupt And Flawed Democracy — Should Indians Trust The International Narrative?

As Indians with a first-hand view of the chaos, should we take the international narrative of a corrupt and flawed democracy at face value?

Kunal Kamra Offers To Fix Up A Debate For Amit Shah With Kanhaiya Kumar On CAA

Popular comedian Kunal Kamra has offered to fix up a debate between Home Minister Amit Shah and CPI(M) leader and youth icon Kanhaiya Kumar on the controversial CAA.

Why Deepika Padukone’s JNU Visit Is None Of Chhapaak’s Business?

What Bollywood Can Learn From Deepika Padukone’s JNU Visit — The Power Move?

Akhilesh Appeals To People, ‘Say No To NPR, Seek Employment’

Samajwadi Party leader Akhilesh Yadav on Friday appealed to people not to fill NPR form and instead seek employment from the government.

The Divided Bollywood Reactions On CAA

Bollywood’s stars can be divided among protestors, supporters, and the neutrals. Here’s how they reacted and responded with the augmented CAA protest and thus where they stand on the political spectrum.

3 Wishes That India Wants Santa To Fulfill This Christmas

The year 2019 has not been a good one. On Christmas, India has three wishes for Santa Claus.

CAA Protests – Massive Citizens March In Delhi Kicks Off: Live Updates

Jamia Coordination Committee along with other student associations such as AISA, SFI and more have arrived at Mandi House to support the protest against CAA and all India NRC.

Is Congress Exposed? CAA Protests — Misled People, Misplaced Priorities And Misrepresented Refugees

Government after Government irrespective of political parties — since independence have deliberately chosen to avoid framing comprehensive laws to administer, naturalize or govern refugees, asylum seekers or illegal economic migrants. In the CAA protests, it’s nothing but total mis-representation of…