How To Incorporate Your Value Proposition Into Your Communications Strategies

A value proposition is the clearest and most concise message your brand has to explain to customers how your product or service will benefit them. As such, it should be the core of your brand’s overall marketing strategy. Your value…

Why Most Startups Fail — And How To Avoid Such A Fate

Rarely is a business so in tune with its niche that it can float along with minimal effort.

How Do You Convert Millions To Crores Easily In Your Business Dealings?

Business dealings are highly crucial and are meant to gain monetary benefit. The right enclosure of the deal matters a lot. Having any ambiguity or confusion in it must be dealt with at the earliest to avoid any disastrous consequences.

Types Of Sales Promotions To Win More Customers

Promotions are almost always part of a company’s marketing mix, and for a good reason — they can boost revenue and improve profitability. However, running promotions is more complicated than slashing prices or putting up a sale sign.

Start a Graphic Designing Business That Can Benefit You to Earn a Handsome Amount

It is a wise approach to shift the business directions, which is loaded with paramount benefits. In this modern era, the paradigm shifts to the online business because of its multiple benefits and relaxation. There are different kinds of online…

TiE Global Summit: Millionaires Who Made Successful Exits Share Trade Secrets With Entrepreneurs

With thousands of struggling entrepreneurs in attendance, TiE Global Summit hosted the session – Strategizing for a Successful Exit – where two veteran entrepreneurs who “built million-dollar businesses and then successfully exited”, shared their experience and valuable wisdom they gained…

Coffeenomics — How Starbucks Managed A 27 Percent Profit Despite The Global Economic Slowdown?

Starbucks redefined the art of making coffee and the brand is also redefining the art of profitability in the times of global economic slowdown.

Insomniac workaholic or lazy llama: What’s your work role?

Claire looked for a replacement – Mule-cum-Llama. Upon not finding one, she has to resort to hiring both the ex-employees again. This leads to Brand success for her business. Moral of the story?

Galaxy Fold teardown pulled by iFixit on Samsung’s request

iFixit removes Galaxy Fold teardown on Samsung’s request In just a day of publishing, repair firm iFixit removed its teardown of Samsung’s first foldable smartphone, Galaxy Fold, on the company’s request. On its official blog, iFixit explained that the Samsung…

Europe’s FamiCord Group signs letter of intent with Indian CelluGen Group

Europe’s biggest cord blood bank FamiCord Group signs letter of intent with Indian CelluGen Group FamiCord Group (Europe) and CelluGen Biotech (India) have signed a letter of intent regarding the future business cooperation in the field of family cord blood…