From Burberry To Louis Vuitton — Calculating The Coronavirus Impact On Luxury Retail

Coronavirus impacts the Luxury market in the worst way possible. It’s to be seen how long the sector might take to recover from the epidemic

Coffeenomics — How Starbucks Managed A 27 Percent Profit Despite The Global Economic Slowdown?

Starbucks redefined the art of making coffee and the brand is also redefining the art of profitability in the times of global economic slowdown.

Jeff Bezos’ Love For Art Feels Like A Breakup To Amazon Investors

The richest man on the planet, Jeff Bezos has been selling stock at Amazon and buying Art. Investors are wondering if its a passing mood or newfound love.

Will Apple Taxis And Z-Cars Merger Impact Ola Cabs Business In The UK?

Lately, Apple Central Taxis, one of the car mobility service platforms in Exeter, entered a merger with Z-Cars to fight against the rival, India’s gigantic car mobility platform, Ola Cabs. This information is as per the reports by Devon Live.

Jeff Bezos’ secret mantras behind Amazon’s trillion-dollar business empire

25 years is what it took to go from a garage full of books to $1 trillion dollar business – here’s how the man Jeff Bezos thinks he did it.

Unemployment or under-employment?

Former VC, NITI Aayog, Arvind Panagariya said in an interview with ETNOW that under-employment is India’s big problem, not unemployment.

ILFS fooled Banks with forged statements

SFIO alleged that the IL&FS’s financial service subsidiary took loans from the lender by showing forged statements and credit ratings.

Paytm set for Coverfox acquisition

Paytm in talks to acquire Coverfox | It would be the largest acquisition of the digital payment company

World’s fastest growing economy? Not anymore.

India’s economic growth drops to just 5.8% in Jan-March quarter | Falls behind China for the first time in two years.

India’s plea against Nissan falls on deaf ears

The Permanent Court of Arbitration rejects India’s plea | Indian government might move to Singapore’s Supreme Court. N Muruganandam, principal secretary to Tamil Nadu government’s industries department, said all obligations would be honoured and he hopes to finalise a deal…