Modi Govt’s Stimulus 3.0 For The Ailing Indian Economy: What’s In It For You?

Third time is the charm. But in economics, it also suggests dismal failure of the first two attempts. Can the finance minister pull the country out of the crisis?

Strong Economic Fundamentals Set Up Modi’s India For A Drastic Turnaround

The Indian economy may be facing its biggest crisis yet. Its foundations, however, remain robust. Despite short-term setbacks, India’s sterling performance over the last decade and recently introduced policy reforms should have a synergistic effect on growth in 2021-22.

Global Markets do not trust India’s economic claims anymore

India is ranked among the world’s most prosperous economies with annual GDP growth rate of 7% plus. But truth now looks murky as analysts accuse India of faking its growth numbers.

Task cut out for new Finance Minister

Asia’s third biggest economy grew at its slowest pace in 17 quarters | unemployment has hit a 45-year high | Tightening trade ropes overseas have left the rupee struggling Former Defence minister, Nirmala Sitharaman is now the new Finance minister…

Election Festival over! Back to Business now for India Inc.

Election season saw an ideological debate – but economic growth is a thing of consensus – its time for India to shift focus back to progress and development.

FICCI-PwC: India must re-engineer skill ecosystem as new-age technologies play out

India must re-engineer skill ecosystem as new-age technologies play out: FICCI-PwC As technological breakthroughs alter the nature of work globally, it is critical for India equip its workforce with employable skills, stimulate a sustainable development process and transit into a…