BTS’ V Failed To Recognize Iron Man, Leaving Everyone Else Present Baffled!

BTS member V once failed to recognize Robert Downey Jr. who is well-known worldwide for playing Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What happens when one big face from the entertainment industry doesn’t recognize another? Well, it would lead…

How John Cena Broke The Internet With Just One Tweet

Wrestler-turned-actor John Cena’s tweet went viral recently when he quoted a BTS member on the famous social networking app Twitter! BTS is possibly the most popular boy band the world has ever seen. The South Korean boy band has become…

The Greatest Global Music Icons — 10 Living Legends Who Inspire Billions

10 icons of music in the modern era — voices and symphonies that transcended boundaries and transformed the art — inspiring millions on their way to the Global Music Industry Hall of Fame.

DKODING: BTS’ Success Story As ‘Dynamite’ Music Video Smashes YouTube Record For Most Views In 24 Hrs

The K-pop band of 7 boys has done it again. BTS’s new video ‘Dynamite’ has set a new YouTube record for maximum views within 24 hours. WATCH: BTS | DYNAMITE THE NEW GENRE OF MUSIC: K-POP The ‘Dynamite’ video boasted…

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BTS makes an official announcement of taking a break from concerts

BTS officially announced that the boy band is going on a break after continuously performing for 6years

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The South Korean boy band BTS has released their first original Japanese single of 2019, and as the song arrived the fan base across

BTS World Game: Manage and take your favorite K-POP band to glory

BTS World game is finally out and the world is freaking out. BTS World is BTS’s new interactive game that you can play right from your phone.