Top 13 (Celebrity Babes) Who Made It To ‘The Cleavage World Cup 2020’

In the age of body equality and empowerment, our favourite female celebrities are leading the way with their plunging necklines and revealing cleavage. While ‘modesty of the cleavage’ always spark a debate — women both celebrity and regular like to…

Marvel Is Bribing Ryan Reynolds To Kidnap MCU As Deadpool

Gone are the days of Chris Hemsworth, Brie Larson, Scarlett Johansson, and others as Marvel plans to make Ryan Reynolds the biggest star of MCU with Deadpool 3. Imagine the blast when the Merc with a Mouth will argue with…

Brie Larson Birthday Special: The Big Movies That Rejected The Future Captain Marvel

On the birthday of Brie Larson, let’s discuss all the movies which rejected her before she finally came to the Marvel fame. As we celebrate Brie Larson’s birthday, we can surely claim that she needs no introduction. Brie Larson has…

Captain Marvel Birthday Bash: Tune In To The YouTube Channel Of Brie Larson!

Are you ready to join the birthday bash of Captain Marvel aka Brie Larson with her fans on her new YouTube channel? Yes, our Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) has her YouTube channel, and we are excited to join her birthday…

Brie Larson Auditioned For These MCU Roles Before Becoming Captain Marvel

You might want to thank Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige for rejecting Brie Larson a bunch of times before picking her up for Captain Marvel. More often than you know, A-list celebrities audition and get rejected from big films and…

Captain Marvel Brie Larson Lost This Thing To Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco

You may know Brie Larson from her iconic role in Marvel’s Captain Marvel. But did you know that she auditioned for CBS’s The Big Bang Theory?

MCU Fan Protest Casts Doubt Over Brie Larson’s Future As Captain Marvel

Marvel may have cast Brie Larson in Captain Marvel 2. However, it seems like fans have someone else in mind. Know why?

Nia DaCosta Is Brie Larson’s Hope To Cure Captain Marvel 2’s Superman Complex

Nia DaCosta has made history by getting into the director’s chair for Captain Marvel 2. She is the first woman of colour to direct a Marvel Studios movie. DaCosta is the chosen one who has been blessed with a career path similar to directors Christopher Nolan and Tim Burton. She carries a big legacy and will also play a key role in shaping the upcoming Phase 5 of the MCU.

Here’s Why Brie Larson’s Biggest Roadblock Is None Other Than Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel 2 is happening and fans can’t wait for the return of Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel. However, actress Brie Larson doesn’t feel the same and is worried about the sequel. Scroll down to know why.

Marvel Studios Trusts Nia DaCosta With Brie Larson And Tom Holland’s Fate In Captain Marvel 2

Marvel Studios’ news cycle has been more active in the past week than the last three months combined. With the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic, fans worldwide have been denied the summer blockbusters this year. Now, reports suggest Marvel’s search for…