Who is Liz Truss? Can She Lead The Nation Battling Multiple Emergencies

An attempt to dkode the REAL Liz Truss who has been selected on the slogan of “Trusted To Deliver”. But what is she actually promising to do. And can she lead the nation battling multiple emergencies. A nation facing the…

9/11, Flat Earth, Brexit, QAnon: Why We Fall For Conspiracy Theories

We live in a world today where we are bombarded daily with news of suffering and injustice from across the planet. If such misery is even partly the result of the indifference of good people, then the moral imperative for all us good people must be to stop being indifferent.

Joe Biden’s Irish Roots And The Fate Of Boris Johnson’s Brexit

Will US President-elect Joe Biden’s Irish roots help turn around Boris Johnson’s hardliner approach towards Brexit negotiations?

Boris Johnson’s Chaotic Brexit Is Forcing The Queen Into Damage-Control Investments

Boris Johnson’s Brexit is turning out to be a mixed bag for Queen Elizabeth – both emotionally and financially.

Why The EU Doesn’t Trust Boris Johnson’s Post-Brexit Global Britain Agenda

Boris Johnson’s goal of ‘Global Britain’ has hit several snags during the Brexit negotiations. The PM has faced issues over agreements with the EU, but managed to bag a major trade deal with Japan.

Boris Johnson’s Brexit Done — Now Starts Undercover Americanization

Boris Johnson achieved what he promised, but his formula of Brexit is nothing but Americanization of the UK market in disguise.

British Parliament Finally Clears Boris Johnson’s Brexit Deal

Paving the way for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union later this month, British Parliament has voted in favour of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal.

Boris Johnson vows to table ‘Get Brexit Done’ deal before Christmas

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson launched the Conservative Party’s election manifesto on Sunday (local time), promising to put his ‘Get Brexit Done’ deal before parliament ahead of Christmas recess.

‘Great’ Brexit Deal with a ‘Fragile’ Link: Boris Johnson faces Litmus Test

In a nutshell, ‘To deliver in Brussels, the UK must compromise – but to deliver in Parliament, the UK cannot compromise in Brussels.’ Now, its time for Boris Johnson to face the magic with his Brexit deal. HEAD SHOT EU…

BREXIT, Massive Mutiny and Boris Johnson’s Ultimatum: Can the ‘Joker turned King’ survive?

Boris Johnson’s Ultimatum: Britain is in crisis. The Deal or No Deal Brexit has created all the chaos and drama you can think of. And now the climax has put the PM face to face with a massive mutiny.