Breaking Bad: When Jesse Pinkman Broke All The Bad

The central-to-the-show Breaking Bad character Jesse Bruce Pinkman is played by Aaron Paul.

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Jesse Pinkman Has Been Through Hell

Who’d have thought that high school burnout Jesse Pinkman would become everyone’s favourite meth-making hero? The character is truly a survivor, literally and metaphorically. It’s amazing how Jesse Pinkman evolved from a small character creators almost killed off in the…

Is Jesse Pinkman going to Alaska or Mexico at the end of Breaking Bad?

Where is Jesse Pinkman heading at the end of Breaking Bad and where would he begin in El Camino? Alaska or Mexico? Where is Jesse headed to? Answers laid down… Jesse Pinkman played by Aaron Paul will feature in El…

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Breaking Bad duo Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have teamed up to bring ‘Dos Hombres’, their handmade Mexican mezcal.

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