Bryan Cranston Confidential — Breaking A Little Bad To Be Vince Gilligan’s Walter White

While stories concerning plot trivia from the series remain the favourite, after Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul became household names, people started taking interest in their personal life stories too. But not many know that Bryan Cranston was not the original choice for the role of Walter White for mandarins at AMC.

After Breaking Bad Prequel, Here’s Breaking Bad Sequel: Season 6 Release Date Confirmation

The fans of AMC’s neo-Western crime drama Breaking Bad still awaits the sixth season. But what is the future of Breaking Bad Season 6 and will it ever happen? Highlights — El Camino: A Breaking Bad movie Breaking Bad Prequel…

Why Walter White Will Not Be Seen In Better Call Saul Season 5?

Breaking Bad’s prequel spin-off Better Call Saul has both hot and cold news for its fans. Breaking Bad’s protagonist aka Walter White will not be seen in Season 5 of Better Call Saul. The news was shared by the makers…

Get Ready For A Breaking Bad – Better Call Saul Finale Post Season 6

The creators and the viewers – both envision a terrific crossover finale for the Breaking Bad – Better Call Saul storyline. Those prayers were just answered.