Heartbreaks & Freedom — How New Year’s Become The Official Breakup Season

You are not the only one with a broken heart right now, there are million others — welcome to the official breakup season! Did you too start your new years on a fresh note, telling goodbye to your romantic relationship?…

5 Lessons Only A Breakup Can Teach You

Heartbreak is such a difficult experience. We all go through it (or most of us anyway!) but it’s indescribably personal.

How To Win Your Ex Back

Oh, so you still have strong feelings for your ex? Your mind wants to move on but your heart says no. While you probably broke up for a reason and whether you guys ended on great or bad terms, deep down you’re still holding on

Top 10 signs you’re getting dumped

Getting dumped is one of the worst feelings ever especially when you don’t see it coming. There is no handbook or guide to getting dumped but there are some signs that point towards an impending breakup.

Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk break up after 4 Years

Cooper and Shayk have officially begun dating in the spring of 2015 The Oscar-nominated actor Bradley Cooper and supermodel Irina Shayk have split after four years of dating. There are no details out for reason behind their split. The couple…