‘Never Seen Before’ Brain Disease Grips Canadian Province, Stumps Doctors

In a small Canadian province of New Brunswick, 48 people have so far presented with abaffling mix of serious symptoms, ranging from impaired motor function to insomnia,hallucinations and memory loss. After a battery of tests and diagnostics performed on these…

Side Effects of Overthinking; It leads to a Short Life

The latest research has discovered another side effect of Overthinking, that it leads to a shorter life while depleting a very essential protein from the brain. One of our gruesome habits is to think continuously. There is an insidious quirk…

10 Weird Brain Exercises That You Must Try

We never try to google “how to keep your brain healthy”. These are 10 short span brain workout which helps you to sharpen your mind.

Sniff your way to a hollow cranium

Newly released images show a startling effect cocaine use can have on the human brain over time, painting a fresh picture

Teenager dies due to tapeworm eggs in the brain

Indian teenager dies after tapeworm laid eggs in his brain A teenager from Faridabad died from the effects of tapeworm laying eggs in his brain. After the teen was transported to a hospital for seizures, MRI scan of his brain…