This Avengers Endgame Plot Hole Will Be Fixed In Captain Marvel 2

Avengers Endgame has a lot resting on it’s shoulders. So is it okay if it forgets this very important Captain Marvel arc in the movie? Avengers: Endgame had a huge responsibility resting on it’s shoulders alone. It was like a…

As Per NASA’s Backward Multiverse Theory, Avengers Begins At Endgame

Well, this news might not be entirely credible but definitely brings us a twist that Marvel’s multiverse theory badly needs. While NASA scientists were working on an experiment in Antarctica to detect cosmic rays, they detected high-energy particles coming “up” out of Earth.

Black Widow’s UK Release Will Decide Disney Plus’ Fate

Ahead of Comic-Con 2020, Disney confirms Black Widow movie’s UK release prior to its November 6 US release date Disney has a special treat for Marvel fan base in the United Kingdom. The delayed Black Widow movie will now hit…

Marvel Studios Is Finally Stepping Up! Captain Marvel Becomes First Superhero To Be Openly Gay

With the MCU becoming more and more diverse, many fans are wondering who the first openly gay character of the Marvel Universe is going to be. Avengers: Endgame did take a step further in better representation, with Joe Russo’s cameo…

Black Widow Easter Egg Went Unnoticed For A Year And Now It’s Back!

It is a big deal if the Marvel fans miss a detail in the Avengers movies and if a year later someone happens to come across that detail it is a bigger deal. Last year Avengers: Endgame marked the end…

Marvel Drops Future Hint With Captain Marvel And Black Widow Hug Video

Marvel Is Actively Giving Brie Larson A Makeover! New BTS From Avengers: Endgame Show Captain Marvel and Black Widow Hug It Out! It’s always fun to get a sneak peak of how the Marvel movies are made and there is…

While You Wait For Black Widow, Tom Holland Has A Few Questions For You

Tom Holland, has vowed to make your wait for Black Widow an interesting one. The actor struck upon an idea that is going to help both…

Chris Evans And Jeremy Renner Eat Their Words After Sexiest Comments About Black Widow

Hollywood stars Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner’s had to apologise for their sexiest comment on Black Widow. Scroll down to know why

One Woman’s Trash Is Another Woman’s Treasure: Scarlett Johansson Success Mantra

Marvel’s Black Widow Scarlett Johansson has made a career out of being the second choice for many Hollywood roles…She wasn’t Black Widow!

The Secret Of Avengers! The Science Behind Their Genes

Looking at the Spider-man slinging from his spider-web; Captain America taking blows and yet standing strong, we wonder if we will ever be able to achieve that. What is it that makes them so special? What is the science behind…

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